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Large Blue Surround Toothbrush

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  • Image of Large Blue Surround Toothbrush

The Surround Toothbrush
A great all over clean for Everyone's teeth
Large is for Large Child/Adult or large mouth or teeth
Small is for Toddler/Small Child/Small mouth or teeth
This toothbrush has a compact head with three rows of bristles that surround the teeth. It cleans front, back and biting surfaces all at the same time. The side bristles are positioned at a 45 degree angle to clean both the teeth and the gums. The length of the toothbrush is covered in a non-latex, rubbery material with a padded head and neck. The brush head and neck have been re-designed to make brushing safer, even for those who have a tendency to bite down on the toothbrush. . The improved Surround Toothbrush is easier to grip, and helps protect the oral environment if the person moves unexpectedly during brushing. Orthodontists also recommend for people with braces, PLEASE check first if suitable for your type of braces.
VERY IMPORTANT (which size to select)
Two sizes are available in LARGE - large child/adult and SMALL - toddler/small child sizes - please consider a few things when choosing size as there is no hard & fast rule for age groups.
* any mouth sensory problems the person has (it may be better to buy the smaller on first for them to get used to & then progress to the larger size)
* the size of the persons mouth & how far they can/will open their mouth
* has the person got small or larger teeth or have they lost their baby teeth and their adult teeth are growing in?
❌NOTE: please do not allow person to chew on these, they are NOT designed as a Chewable oral stimulation item they are for brushing teeth.❌
Due to hygiene we have NOT removed these from their original packaging or remove any brochures they have enclosed. You have will receive this item as packed by the original supplier. We have obtained permission to distribute/sell these toothbrushes within Australia.
All Surround Toothbrush orders are sent by trackable prepaid bag within Australia
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